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The Significance of Compatible Clients in Dog Training Success

I've been thinking about why I love my clients, and how lucky it is that we all click so well, and I wanted to share my perspective a little bit. By now you might know I'm a certified professional dog trainer, and I'm all about using positive reinforcement and force-free methods. No pain or fear in training, just lots of love and respect for dogs.

I think my clients and I mesh because I attract people who are as obsessed with their dogs as I am. I mean, they treat their dogs like their own kids, seriously! They go the extra mile to ensure their dogs are physically and mentally healthy. Most of my clients spoil their dogs more than I do mine! They get it - happy dogs mean happy lives!

But you know what else I love? Realistic clients. They understand that dogs have their own personalities and limits, just like we do. They don't expect their dogs to be perfect overnight, and they certainly don't lose their cool when things don't go according to plan. Instead, they're patient and understanding, knowing that training takes time and effort.

Building a solid relationship with my clients is super important to me. I approach each interaction with empathy and understanding. We talk about the challenges, the frustrations, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with training. No toxic positivity here! We keep it real and work through those hurdles together.

I need clients who click with me. If someone doubts my methods or underestimates my skills because of my age, gender, or any other weird BS, I can’t help them.

We need that trust and belief in each other to make magic happen! I need clients who are as committed as I am, ready to put in the work and enjoy the journey of training their dogs.

I want to work with people who want to make their life easier with their dog, whether it be a new rescue who is tearing up the house, or a puppy for first time owners. The end goals are the same: a strong bond between dog and owner based on empathy.

Everything else comes easy after that. If you think you might "click" with me, schedule a free dog training consultation! Nothing to lose, just a free 30 minutes to talk to a professional dog trainer.


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