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Image by Alvan Nee

Recommended Training Tools

Below are links to tools and equipment I use everyday while training and completely recommend. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Easy-Walk Harness

Easy walk harnesses are great for quick on and off dressing, and are fully adjustable. They have front and back D-Rings for multiple points of leash attachment!

Didog No Pull Harnesses

Didog harnesses are great for style and comfort while also working for pulling. They are padded and have many colors, as well as front and back D-Rings for multiple points of leash attachment!

Hands-Free Leash with Two Handles

Not only does a waist leash give me a greater sense of balance when working with large breeds, it also has bungee built in to reduce the impact of lunges. When I am using treats, clicker, AND hand signals, I don't want to worry about holding the leash!

Petsafe Flat 6ft Leash (No Padded Handles)

A flat, no-nonsense leash is my other must have in training. Leashes with large cushioned handles tend to be harder to maintain a grip on, and are too heavy! 


Rachel Ray Meatball Morsels

These break up so small and easy, all my clients love them!

Salmon Pet Botanics Training Reward

The salmon in these is great for picky eaters. I use it frequently for high-value training rewards!

Benebone Brand

My own dogs love their benebones. They are satisfied by the level of difficulty and love how easy it is for them to hold. 

Bully Sticks

A great, extremely high value and long lasting reward. This is a popular option for dogs who bug their humans while eating dinner!


Treat Pouches

I use this handy bag EVERY DAY while training! It is easy to clean and comfortable to wear and keeps everything I need in it :) A MUST HAVE

Fillable Kong

Essential for any dog! Kongs are fillable, durable toys that work a dog's brain and give you a moment's peace!

Lick Mat

Lick mats are great for busting boredom, reducing anxiety, and giving your dog a "job" to do while you answer the door or work on dinner!


Raised Dog Bed

I love these raised beds for hot Vegas heat. The room underneath allows for air-flow while getting your dog up off the hard floors!

For more recommendations, head on over to our blog!
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