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Training Services

What if your dog didn't have embarrassing behavior anymore? Work one-on-one with a professional trainer to transform your life with your dog for immediate relief. 


Regain control over a hectic life and have a dog you trust completely and can take anywhere 

Does it feel like your dog just won't listen? Are you embarrassed when you have guests over? Is your dog just plain stubborn? 

Our training programs are built with the goal of immediate relief from frustrating behavior through tried and true methods. Our coaching will leave you understanding how to get your dog to walk calmly down the street or knowing how to deal with nuisance barking when it comes up. I always use least-intrusive minimally aversive methods to achieve the highest quality of training I can offer. This is accomplished using a science-based approach through force-free, positive-reinforcement training methods. In lieu of traditional training methods that involve punishment for undesirable behaviors, I believe in teaching and reinforcing incompatible behaviors (e.g., rewarding a dog for sitting instead of jumping on guests at your front door). I will work one-on-one with you to cultivate a personalized plan intended to nurture your bond with your dog.


Schedule a Discovery Call

This is a 15 minute phone call with an intake form on your dog's background. We will go over what you're having troubles with and which training program is best suited for your needs. 


Enroll & Onboard

Once you are enrolled as a new client with me, you will get a welcome bag (lots of fun goodies and required training supplies!). We will schedule all your sessions in advance to ensure we respect your time and the effort you are taking to change your life for the better with your dog! 


The work (& fun) begins!

Here comes the transformation! You'll have access to invaluable training resources immediately, 24/7 phone/text/email support from me for the duration of the program, and an online resource portal with videos and tips from me. While we are training together in person, we will start in your home. I'll be there to direct you through the most efficient ways to get the results you are looking for, whether you need a reliable recall or to for your dog to just stop barking!

From Terror to Treasure in 5 Weeks

The Puppy Program:

You'll learn a proven process and receive a customized plan for new puppy owners to reduce overwhelm, improve your puppy's behavior, and regain tranquility in your home. Imagine your WHOLE family being on the same page regarding your puppy, allowing immediate relief from nipping, chewing, and potty accidents! You'll gain confidence in what you're doing and learn how to handle your puppy by setting up your household to properly manage your new dog. You'll even learn how to take care of your dog's basic grooming needs like nail trims (saving money on vet and groomer visits!).

What's included:

  • 10 Private Lessons

  • 1 Follow-Up Lesson to Use Within 3 Months 

  • Treat Bag

  • Training Treats

  • Clicker 

  • 2 Treat Buckets for Easy Access Reward Stations

  • Customized Shopping List for Your Needs

  • Customized Training Checklist

  • Text/Email/Phone Support for 6 weeks

  • Health and Behavior trackers

  • Relevant Handouts and Handbooks on Dog Behavior

  • Customized Socialization Program (SO important!)

  • Customized Homework Plan 

Puppy Training Tuna Dachshund

Who this program is for:

Owners with puppies under 5 months old looking for relief with overwhelm involved with bringing a new dog home!

Puppy Training
basic obedience
Man training dachshund Murphy

Who this program is for:

Owners with dogs over 5 months old dealing with issues like excessive barking, jumping, destruction, and over-excitability. 

From Crazed to Companion in 5 Weeks

Basic Obedience Program:

You'll learn the proven process I use to turn a rambunctious dog ​into an attentive, engaged companion with a customized training plan for your specific goals. Upon completing this training program, you will be proud of your dog's behavior around your friends and family. You can relax knowing your dog will listen and won't embarrass you by running off or being crazy hyper. Ultimately, you will build a life-long, close bond quickly and easily. 

What's included:

  • 10 Private Lessons In Your Home

  • 1 Follow-Up Lesson to Use Within 6 Months

  • Curated List of Online and Other Resources

  • Treat bag

  • Training Treats

  • Clicker 

  • 2 Treat Buckets for Easy-Access Reward Stations

  • Customized Shopping List for your needs

  • Customized Training Checklist

  • 24/7 Text/Email/Phone Support for 6 weeks

  • Health and Behavior trackers

  • Relevant Handouts and Handbooks on Dog Behavior

  • Customized Homework Plan 



About online training programs:

The Motivated Mutt online training programs are perfect for busy families who may need to take training at their own pace. Just because they are DIY, does not mean they are lower quality! Experience the same information I give my one on one clients, but in self-paced modules with examples and homework. BONUS: "The Works" online package clients also get 24/7 call/email access to me for personalized help! 

Dog Trainer Megan's dog Murphy posing at a computer

No More Pulling 

 coming soon

Who it's for: Frustrated Leash Walkers

Too Much Barking

coming soon

Who it's for: "What? I can't hear you" Owners who can barely talk or hear over constant barking in their home

The Works

coming soon

Who it's for: Busy parents who may not have the time to meet one on one for weeks on end with a dog trainer but still want a calm and cooperative dog!

What Clients Say

"Megan has already helped us so much. We have been working on smaller items and progressing on. She is hands on and walks you through the how and why. Her follow up emails are helpful as they include a detailed summary of the session and tips and tricks to help you keep working on your own. Looking forward to getting our pups in check with several more visits."
~ Krystle with Maggie and Bodie
Dog Training Clients Krystle with Maggie and Bodie
Walking Dogs


No pressure or obligation. :)

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