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About The Motivated Mutt

The Motivated Mutt's training programs are built with the goal of immediate relief from frustrating behavior through tried-and-true methods. You need to know you're choosing the right person to guide you through this journey to a better bond with a calmer dog. Using easy to understand techniques and training games, we quickly get you real results that last — whether you have a new puppy or an ornery adult dog. 

I always use the least-intrusive minimally aversive methods to achieve the highest quality of training I can offer. This is accomplished using a science-based approach and force-free, positive-reinforcement training methods. In lieu of traditional training methods that involve punishment for undesirable behaviors, I believe in teaching and reinforcing incompatible behaviors (e.g., rewarding a dog for sitting instead of jumping on guests at your front door). I will work one-on-one with you to cultivate a personalized plan intended to nurture your bond with your dog.

My main goal is to help you build a connection, foster trust, and create mutual understanding with your pet so you can conquer anything together!

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About the owner, Megan Crow | Dog Trainer Las Vegas
Meet the trainer

Hi there! I’m Megan, a certified professional dog trainer here in Las Vegas. In 2017, I made a choice that forever changed my life: I brought home a new puppy. Murphy was a troubled dog since the first night, his behavior seemingly unexplainable. Once his seizures began, I started searching for answers. When I realized how I could help Murphy, I knew I could do the same for others. I fell in love with behavioral science and discovered dog training was my calling. I am always continuing my education to better serve the families I work with. In addition to my certification from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, I have a B.S. in Marine Biology and Environmental Science. I love volunteering locally at The Animal Foundation, and I hold group training classes at Barx Parx. 


If you feel like I am a good match for you and your dog, schedule a free discovery phone call with me so we can help you achieve a more calm and fulfilling life with your furry loved one. 

Dog Trainer Megan Crow's Dogs, Murphy and Tuna wearing accessories
Meet the Assistants 

Murphy (left) and Tuna (right) are my personal dogs. They are long-haired dachshunds and are responsible for the best parts of my days. These guys are the inspiration for my logo and for hundreds of paintings and drawings I've done. Murphy is quicker at picking up on new tricks and fun behaviors than Tuna, so I use him for a lot of my virtual training videos. He barks more when he is excited, but, hey — we can't all be perfect.


Tuna is named after our favorite show, The Office. Tuna is more cuddly and enjoys meeting new people, so he is my public "demo" dog. Tuna is an AKC CGC and AKC TKN (Trick Dog Novice), but both dogs know enough tricks to qualify for their Intermediate Trick Dog titles. 

They're not perfect, but their flaws are a big part of why I love and enjoy working with them. Respecting the urges and behaviors they have because of their breed is just as important as respecting a herding dog's need to herd or a scent hound's need to sniff! Dachshunds will always be a bit bark-y to some degree, and they're always looking for a blanket to worm under. 

What clients say

Megan was an amazing trainer! She helped me with my new Bernedoodle puppy and 6 y/o beagle. She went above and beyond my expectations of a trainer. The appointments were always filled with information. My puppy was taught some great manners and taught me how to help my reactive beagle be a bit calmer. Megan is always available through text whenever I had questions as well. If I had to start all over I would definitely choose her again!

~ Curtis with Honeydew and Chestnut


Empathy is a core value not only in my business but in my day to day life. I've been in many of the same situations before that my clients call me about. I know the anxieties, stresses, and frustrations that come with your particular problem. Being able to put myself in your shoes is the key to making meaningful connection and progress. I am always a compassionate and understanding trainer to work with. 


Dog training is an emotional pursuit, especially when there are fears and uncertainties tied to how badly you want or need better results. My training methods are centered around getting YOU the best and most efficient information so you can feel confident to continue training long after I am gone from your living room. 

Enjoy the Journey

As much as I would love it to be so, dog training is not a one-and-done kind of deal. It may be cliché, but the journey is just as important as the destination. The path you will be embarking on with your dog will lead you to self-reflection and strengthen your bond with your animals. Dog training is for life, and reinforcement and rewards drive behavior. So, get comfortable — this new way of life with your dog will be sticking around for awhile!



No pressure or obligation. :)