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Building a better bond with your dog.


You're exhausted trying to get your dog to behave and too embarrassed to have friends or family over.

But you know your dog has a good heart. You see it every day.

Let's show the world how amazing your dog can be. What's stopping you from having your own transformation? Experience relief from stressful and chaotic behaviors by working with an empathetic and fully certified professional dog trainer. By keeping my programs small and intimate, I am able to hold you and your dog as my top priority while we work together. We will mold your dog to fit YOUR lifestyle, from the perfect "crag dog" to take rock climbing to the calmest "patio pup" you've ever seen.

What clients say

When you get a new puppy, and you're unfamiliar with a breed that offers so many challenges, an owner's biggest challenge is the fear of the unknown. Working with Megan changed fear to calm rather quickly. Upon meeting Megan, and seeing her working with her own dog, it was quite clear she understand the nuances of a Dachshund. But it was beyond her knowledge of the breed itself, but her appreciation for what owners needed to learn as well. If I were to refer Megan to a friend, I would explain first and foremost that her title should be Dog Owner Educator. She doesn't train your dog, she educates owners on how to train their dogs.
While she is capable of taking your dog for personal training, it behooves anyone hiring her to train WITH her. Megan instills an understanding of how dog owners can interact with their pups efficiently. Long after having Megan to our home for our training, her impact continues months afterward, as I will still go back to our fundamentals, at least once a week with one-word commands, reminding Kahlua of his basics. As Kahlua turns 1, I can say much of his socialization and behavioral skills stem from what Megan offered and/or suggested during our training. I'm certainly thankful for our time with her and highly advise anyone looking for someone to educate them on being a dog owner to retain The Motivated Mutt.
Dachshund Puppy Training with Megan

~ Willie with Kahlua

Client Reviews




Not sure what to train or how often? Lost on what you and your dog need to succeed — and even more, thrive? This free printable guide includes an essential behavior tracker, a fillable behavior tracker, and a suggested supplies list for everything your furry family member requires! 

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