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The Motivated Mutt owner, Megan Crow

The science of happy dogs, the art of positive training.


You're exhausted trying to get your dog to behave and too embarrassed to have friends or family over.

But you know your dog has a good heart. You see it every day.

Get ready to unleash the full potential of your furry best friend! With my personalized dog training programs, you'll see a transformation in your dog like never before. Say goodbye to stressful and chaotic behaviors and hello to a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your pet. Imagine a dog who you can take anywhere with confidence. Whether it be a stroll through Downtown Summerlin, or a hike at Mt. Charleston, you'll be able to trust your dog. As a certified professional dog trainer, I  will work with you every step of the way to create a customized plan that fits your lifestyle and your dog's unique needs. Get ready for a well-behaved and eager companion that will bring joy and peace to your daily life. Book your free consultation and let's start this incredible transformation together!

Client Reviews



Willie with Kahlua

When you get a new puppy, and you're unfamiliar with a breed that offers so many challenges, an owner's biggest challenge is the fear of the unknown. Working with Megan changed fear to calm rather quickly. Upon meeting...

Meghan with Pepper

We can’t say enough AMAZING things about Megan, both as a dog trainer and as a person! She immediately connects with both you and your dog(s) and gives...


Hannah with Whiskey

Megan has been such a breath of fresh air for our family. We have two young Doxies, and up until now we haven't been confidant in the best way to support them in public settings. Megan is...


The Motivated Mutt's muse, Murphy

in-person training

Puppy training, adult dog training, trick training, and everything between. Find out more about my online dog training programs here:

The Motivated Mutt, Tuna

online training

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of online dog training with a certified professional trainer, and start seeing positive results today.

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Learn more about The Motivated Mutt Dog Training

I'd love to meet you and your dog! Helping you reach your training goals is my passion. But first, am I a right fit for YOU? Watch my Welcome Video now!

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