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The Science of Happy Dogs,
The Art of Positive Training. 

Dog training services in the Seattle area.

You and your dog deserve the
peace that comes from training.

No Harsh Methods

Family Friendly

Proven Results


in-person training

Puppy training, adult dog training, trick training, and everything between. Find out more about my one on one dog training programs here:


online training

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of online dog training with a certified professional trainer, and start seeing positive results today.

Incessant barking, lunging on the leash, and the furniture getting a tooth-y makeover—none of this is what you had in mind when you brought your dog home. These challenges can strain your connection with your dog, making you feel more like a babysitter or caretaker than a true companion.

Picture strolling through a dog-friendly shopping center or hiking in the woods with your pup calmly by your side, eager to pay attention to you. Sounds great, right?


You'll team up with a certified professional dog trainer (me, I'm Megan) to create a custom plan that fits your lifestyle and your dog's quirks. You brought a dog into your life for joy, let's make that happen.

What My Clients Are Saying

Megan was an amazing trainer! She helped me with my new Bernedoodle puppy and 6 y/o beagle. She went above and beyond my expectations of a trainer. The appointments were always filled with information...

Curtis with Honeydew

I can just highly recommend Megan. She is very skilled and knowledgeable, and she owns a reactive dog herself, which gives her a perfect understanding of your needs, frustrations, helplessness and worries, she is going through everything herself on a daily basis.

Birget with Chloe

 Working with Megan changed fear to calm rather quickly. Upon meeting Megan, , and seeing her working with her own dog, it was quite clear she understand the nuances of a Dachshund...

Willie with Kahlua

I'd love to meet you and your dog! Helping you reach your training goals is my passion. But first, am I a right fit for YOU? Watch my welcome video now!

Connect with me @motivatedmutt
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